Capturing the energy and atmosphere of your wedding reception...

Every wedding reception I have been to is very different in regards to the procedure, but it's very apparent that this is when the party starts! Often I get to the wedding reception after the portraits whilst all your friends and guests are outside socialising and I photograph all the untouched details of your wedding reception (cake, decorations and room layout) so I can showcase the atmosphere and build a mood through the photos.

If you have any quiet moments during your wedding reception then I sometimes ask guests if they require any mini-group photographs of them and other guests, this usually only lasts a few seconds but creates some amazing photographs of your guests without eating into the formal photographs time.

I treat the reception similar to how I treat the cocktail hour, I observe and capture the guests talking to each other seated at tables or having a joke at the bar until I've captured most of the guests socialising. Once everyone is up and dancing after your first dance I get right into the middle of the action and photograph everyone within close proximity getting some really energetic photographs of your guests dancing.

I never leave a wedding until I am 100% satisfied that your wedding day has been told to my best ability and also ask you, 30 minutes before leaving, if there is anything else that you require or if there's anything you think I have missed.

Hampshire wedding reception photographs.jpg

How can I help improve the photographs during my wedding reception?

If you're having a DJ please request them to turn off any crazy, laser or unnatural coloured lights for your first dance, these lights will leave your skin looking unattractive and multicoloured
, after the first dance you can tell your DJ to turn on the light show.

If your reception is held outside then it'll be a good idea to think about lighting the area, this can be achieved by using natural looking warm bulbs, you'll find that Italian string lights are a beautiful way to add lots of light plus bokeh (out of focus orbs in the background so some of my photographs) to your photographs, they're ideal for creating borders around dance floors etc.

If you like the look of night-time portraits, then I would suggest to book a 10 minutes window for these once all the formalities of your wedding reception is over, this allows you to step aware from the craziness and have one last portrait.


"We were entirely confident about Antony photographing our big day, with so many details to worry about, it was nice to know that our photographer was not one of them! Antony was just as lovely with our friends and family at our wedding. I have to say, I was so busy enjoying the wedding that I barely noticed him working on the day (as it should be!). But everyone commented on what a pleasant guy he was, and when we got our photos back we were amazed to see all kinds of fun that we hadn’t even noticed at the wedding. He managed to be everywhere at once! He caught the little kids playing together, grown-up hijinks on a tightrope and all sorts of merrymaking throughout – as he had stayed with us from the early morning preparations until the bitter end of crazy dancing. All shot with such an eye for composition and character. Dedication, creativity, good humour – this guy is the perfect wedding photographer."