Most couples have never had professional wedding photographs taken in the past, so...

I figured it would be a good idea to talk you through a typical wedding day so you know what to expect from me, I understand that most weddings are slightly different in procedure and that your wedding may not be the same as explained but hopefully it'll give you a better idea of how I work and how I approach a wedding.

Basically, I’m a natural light wedding photographer and only use flash during once the sun has gone down during your wedding reception, my main priority is to always make sure that you both feel totally comfortable with me throughout the day and my second priority is to uniquely tell your wedding story. It's your wedding day and you both deserve to have unique wedding pictures; this is why I approach every wedding with a clean slate by making sure I stay inspired and introduce a new idea or technique to each wedding that I photograph.

This guide will talk you through each part of the day, in a typical UK wedding order whilst offering tips and techniques that you can use along the way to help better the photography in situations out of the photographers control because truth be told, lighting is everything in photography and a little preparation can make for some very flattering photographs.