I capture traditional yet relaxed formal group photographs...

When photographing formal group photographs I will ask you to choose one location where you would like these taken, this could either be the ceremony or reception location, all the group photos will take place at this site, the reason behind this is because people are very hard to get motivated while they are in cocktail hour mode and moving people from one place to another is very challenging.

I do two types of group photographs, the traditional formal - which is where all member are in one strait line, all tight together and these are the photographs most of the parents and grandparents want and following the formals I immediately shoot the non-traditional in-formal group portraits, these portraits capture people relaxing, throwing their jacket over the shoulder and sometimes not even looking at the camera but at each other, these are my favourites as it makes the formals a fun experiance for everyone.

Hampshire group photographs.jpg

How can I help improve the formal group photographs of my friends and family?

I often ask clients to provide me with a group shot list of around 10 groups combinations so the group shots only last around 30 minutes, if your having difficulty formulating a list use this standard list as a starting point.

  1. Bride and Groom

  2. Bride with Bridesmaids

  3. Groom with Groomsmen

  4. Bride with Parents

  5. Bride and Groom with Bridal Party (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers and Flower-girls)

  6. Bride and Groom with Brides Immediate Family (Mother, Father, Siblings and Grandparents)

  7. Bride and Groom with Brides Family (Immediate and extended family)

  8. Groom with Parents

  9. Bride and Groom with Grooms Immediate Family (Mother, Father, Siblings and Grandparents)

  10. Bride and Groom with Grooms Entire Family (Immediate and extended family)

Once the list has been completed, please print out and hand this to at least two wedding guests who know most of each family so they can help assist in gathering people ready for the group photographs.


"Antony was amazing on the day, everyone felt relaxed around him during the preparation in the morning and throughout the day we felt as if we barely noticed him - which made seeing the final photos all the more fantastic and emotional to be honest - he captured things we’d not even realise he’d seen. We wanted very natural shots and very few posed photos - Antony was pleased about this as this is his style although was more than happy to do a handful of formal shots to please the parents! We hired Antony because we saw his website and met up with him for a coffee about a year before the wedding - we got on straight away and felt that he really understood what we wanted."