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Should we invite children to our wedding?

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Asking whether to invite children to your wedding is a tough question because there is no right or wrong answer, the results solely depend on both the style of marriage and the couple that are getting married. During my years of experience, most couples that don’t have children generally don’t invite kids to their wedding due to either unfamiliarity, lifestyle choice, finances or many other factors.

Most high-end luxurious wedding events will not have children attending due to children having short attention spans which could distract from the celebrations or worry of expensive features getting damaged. If the day doesn’t include activities, music or games, then chances are the children will start to get bored and will start being mischevious which could irritate some adults, including the parents.

Whereas if your wedding is full of entertainment or has outside garden areas for lawn games, then I would personally say to invite children as it gives the adults at the event permission to interact and act a little childish. I think that children make a wedding as they are often lovely to have around, and sure, there might be the odd one or two interruptions, but everyone usually laughs, or the children get taken away from the service as it continues.

Most couples arrange their wedding to have the best of both worlds whereas they invite couples with their children to the ceremony and reception but come a particular time in the evening the children must be sent home. In this scenario, you can’t expect couples to separate and leave individually as most families depend on a designated driver, but even though the couples with children will be departing, I’m sure the evening guests you invite will make up the numbers.

However, please be aware, if you do decide to not have children attend your wedding then the probability of guests rejecting your invitation increases; some couples may find it difficult to find a babysitter. If you do decide to have children attend your wedding, here are some tips on how to help parents keep the children engaged during quieter moments.

  • Place some Activity Packs on the tables where the children will be sitting so the children will be entertained while the speeches are occurring. These packs can include snacks, juice cartons, mini puzzles, toys, bubbles, crayons and colouring/activity books. Speaking of the wedding breakfast, you could also set up a ‘Kids Table’ if there are many children around the same age, it could be fun seating them all together and let them have their own fun.

  • Hire a professional childminder to keep an eye on the children when parents are pre-occupied, so no one gets hurt or puts their fingers in the wedding cake. They can also be in charge of whatever other designated kids activities you have set up.

  • Purchase disposable cameras and let the kids get creative. These cameras are inexpensive and just by allowing the children to be creative by clicking away will give you some photographs of your wedding from a child’s perspective.

  • Get children involved with your wedding! If you are considering having lawn games during the cocktail hour, you could have Children vs Adults sack racing or any other type of activity. It’s also okay to let them win occasionally. Sometimes couples set something up exclusively for children, such as either a games room or a specific area for kids to play.

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