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How do you photograph the Groom Preparations?


Photographing the groom's preparation is a little more relaxed compared to the brides; 90% of the time it's a bunch of guys hanging around having a beer in their underwear and finally rushing to get changed 15 minutes before they're due to leave for the ceremony. My approach to groom preparations is the same as the brides; I photograph the suit like I would do the wedding dress and if the groom is feeling uncomfortable while getting changed I will leave the room and asked to be called back in once they feel comfortable.

Groom preparations are a little different from the brides, instead of on focusing on the beauty side such as make-up and hair, I concentrate on grooms and best men putting the final touches to their vows or speeches along with capturing the details such as putting on watches, buttonholes and a photograph of the wedding rings which are usually in the best man's possession at this time.

I would recommend having your preparations in a clean, spacious room with windows that let in enough daylight to light the room evenly. Most grooms rent spacious homes or bed and breakfasts instead of small hotel rooms because most hotels contain distracting signs such as 'no-smoking' and 'exit', they also contain very unusual carpet and lighting choices. Please also ensure you're not getting natural light confused with fluorescent lighting, fluorescent lighting is blue (often found in offices) and will make your skin look blue or green when being photographed.

If photographing the groom preparations instead of the brides, I usually leave the same time as the groom to I arrive at the wedding ceremony location about 45 minutes before the wedding starts.