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How do you photograph the Couple Portraits?


The portraits usually occur directly after photographing the group shots; I ask the Bride and Groom to give me as much time as they can give me, a recommended minimum time of 20 minutes is required for me to get a few portraits but 40 minutes plus would result in some incredible pictures!

The Wedding portraits are so simple, I've had couples say to me after I've photographed their portraits “Is that it?" and "That was so easy” this is because instead of asking you to pose, I direct people, creating natural laughter and movement, it's very natural and it feels effortless. I will ask you both to give each other a few kisses and cuddles, and I will also put you both in some nervous but fun scenarios which will help express natural laughs and smiles. My priority for the portrait session is to capture you, as a couple. I do this by starting at a distance and then get closer and closer gaining your confidence until I'm only a few feet away, I know it sounds a little nerve-racking, but I am a firm believer that capturing the emotion and atmosphere of the subject cannot be achieved at a distance.

I would recommend inviting a Bridesmaid or Groomsmen along to the portrait session, I'll be able to use them for laughing ammo to help you relax, and they'll also be accommodating when carrying your wedding flowers and accessories if necessary.

Most of the main portraits occur directly after the group photographs during the day, so there's no need to worry about the light being too dark. If you wish to have portraits taken at sunset, then you will need to schedule an additional 15-minute portrait session during your reception about 30 minutes before sundown, these make for amazing pictures!