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How do you photograph the Cocktail Hour?


Congratulations, at this point you would be officially husband and wife and you both cannot stop smiling! Don't worry if you can't see me; I will be around scouting the area for the group shot locations and also taking photographs of all the guests talking, congratulating you, giving you kisses, hugs, manly handshakes and they'll even be asking to see that beautiful wedding ring now on your finger. I do love documenting cocktail hour as this gives me a chance to observe and capture all the wedding guests telling jokes, stories and general chit-chat and gives me a good understanding of the different characters at your wedding and who will be smiling or laughing next.

During this time I prioritise capturing the elderly grandparents and young children at your wedding as sometimes they'll depart before the wedding reception. I would recommend having lawn games or fun activity's ready for guests to use and play with while the canapés are being handed out. It makes for great original documentary photographs, and it's also best to organise cocktail hour where you would like your formal group photographs taken because moving people from one place to another is very challenging, especially if you had elderly guests.

If you're looking for ideas on how to entertain guests, here's a few examples which I've captured in the past: Ferret Racing, Space Hoppers, Swingball, Giant Jenga, Giant Draughts, Sack Races, Horseshoes, Petanque, Table Tennis, Beer Pong, Lawn Bowling and Croquet.