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How do you photograph the Bridal Preparations?


I always try my best to convince Brides to have their preparations photographed. Preparation photography acts as a perfect visual lead-up to your wedding pictures, and during these times I capture so many great moments that even the grooms have mentioned that it was lovely to see the bridal party getting ready.

Brides often get very paranoid when mentioning preparation photography; this might be because they'll feel uncomfortable photographed with lack of makeup or some assume that I'll be in the room with them while they are getting changed, I can reassure you that is not how I work! I am very courteous to every Bride's need and will always leave the room before anyone gets changed. Once I do leave the room, I ask to be called back in once you feel comfortable. Each Brides comfort differs from person to person; some ask me to return once the back of the dress is due to be fastened and some call me back once their fully clothed, either is fine.

I would recommend having your preparations in a clean, spacious room with windows that let in enough daylight to light the room evenly. Most brides rent spacious homes or bed and breakfasts instead of small hotel rooms because most hotels contain distracting signs such as 'no-smoking' and 'exit', they also contain very unusual carpet and lighting choices. Please also ensure you're not getting natural light confused with fluorescent lighting, fluorescent lighting is blue (often found in offices) and will make your skin look blue or green when being photographed.

Often I arrive just after the hair stylist or make-up professional arrive, but sadly some beauty professionals often unintentionally prioritise your seating location near or next to a plug or power supply which tends to be the darkest corner of the room with the least flattering natural light. You want your photography to be amazing and usually, once the team have set camp it is quite challenging to move locations. My advice to you is to open all the curtains in the room so you can get as much natural light as possible and also position your chair so that you are sat in that natural light, getting everyone to work around you.

I always aim to arrive at the wedding ceremony location 45 minutes before the wedding starts; the consequence to this is that if you require a photograph of yourself in your wedding dress or a fun portrait session of your bridal party and bridesmaids fully dressed then you will need to be in your wedding dress earlier than expected.