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Should we hire a professional wedding photographer?

Let’ start this off by stating that it’s not my intention in this article to persuade you to hire me as your wedding photographer. It’s to make you aware of the implications if you decide against not hiring a photographer for your event, I’ve done this by questioning married couples who’ve let a friend, family member or student document their wedding day for them. Couples don't just decide against hiring a professional photographer; they often have a reason, this could be due to many reasons such as budget, bad experiences in the…

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How do you photograph the Wedding Reception?

Every wedding reception I have been to is very different in regards to the procedure, but it's very apparent that this is when the party starts! Often I get to the wedding reception after the portraits while all your friends and guests are outside socialising, and I photograph all the untouched details of your wedding reception (cake, decorations and room layout) so I can showcase the atmosphere and build a mood through the photos. If you have any quiet moments during your wedding reception then I sometimes ask guests if they require…

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How do you photograph the Couple Portraits?

The portraits usually occur directly after photographing the group shots; I ask the Bride and Groom to give me as much time as they can give me, a recommended minimum time of 20 minutes is required for me to get a few portraits but 40 minutes plus would result in some incredible pictures! The Wedding portraits are so simple, I've had couples say to me after I've photographed their portraits “Is that it?" and "That was so easy” this is because instead of asking you to pose, I direct people, creating natural laughter and movement, it's very natural and it feels effortless…

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How do you photograph the Cocktail Hour?

Congratulations, at this point you would be officially husband and wife and you both cannot stop smiling! Don't worry if you can't see me; I will be around scouting the area for the group shot locations and also taking photographs of all the guests talking, congratulating you, giving you kisses, hugs, manly handshakes and they'll even be asking to see that beautiful wedding ring now on your finger. I do love documenting cocktail hour as this gives me a chance to observe and capture all the wedding guests telling jokes, stories and general chit-chat…

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How do you photograph the Group Portraits?

When photographing the group photographs, I capture two varieties. The first group shot if the traditional formal which is directly following by my personal favourite, the informal. There's no rule on when the group photographs start; sometimes they occur directly after the wedding ceremony, sometimes it's after cocktail hour, and there have also been times they've happened before the wedding ceremony because of lighting. The formal photographs are what parents and grandparents of the bride and groom often expect…

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How do you photograph the Wedding Ceremony?

I always aim to arrive at your wedding 45 minutes before the wedding ceremony starts so I can photograph some venue details and also guests arriving alongside the groom and groomsmen. I call this time the 'Nervous Groom' moment as it's usually the time married men generally give the groom some last minute advice as assurance that everything's going to be okay. If I've not photographed the groom preparations, then it's a good idea for the groom and the groomsmen to refrain from attaching any buttonholes or final details such as watches until I…

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How do you photograph the Groom Preparations?

Photographing the groom's preparation is a little more relaxed compared to the brides; 90% of the time it's a bunch of guys hanging around having a beer in their underwear and finally rushing to get changed 15 minutes before they're due to leave for the ceremony. My approach to groom preparations is the same as the brides; I photograph the suit like I would do the wedding dress and if the groom is feeling uncomfortable while getting changed I will leave the room and asked to be called back in once they feel comfortable. Groom preparations are…

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How do you photograph the Bridal Preparations?

I always try my best to convince Brides to have their preparations photographed. Preparation photography acts as a perfect visual lead-up to your wedding pictures, and during these times I capture so many great moments that even the grooms have mentioned that it was lovely to see the bridal party getting ready. Brides often get very paranoid when mentioning preparation photography; this might be because they'll feel uncomfortable photographed with lack of makeup or some assume that I'll be in the room with them while they are getting…

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Should we invite children to our wedding?

Asking whether to invite children to your wedding is a tough question because there is no right or wrong answer, the results solely depend on both the style of marriage and the couple that are getting married. During my years of experience, most couples that don’t have children generally don’t invite kids to their wedding due to either unfamiliarity, lifestyle choice, finances or many other factors. Most high-end luxurious wedding events will not have children attending due to children having short attention spans which could distract from the…

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