Moments inside moments.

Imagine a wedding like a novel, there's the main plot which is obviously the couple getting married but there’s also little sub-plots occurring that the unobservant often miss such as the best-man quickly rehearsing and rewriting his speech just before the wedding breakfast or the groom simply wiping away a tear after receiving a letter from his soon-to-be bride in the morning. I personally feel that these little poetic moments make a wedding and I pride myself on hunting for these moments in all situations.

You have to remember that some of these moments start and finish within seconds and there’s no rehearsals, my outlook is I either capture the moment or it didn’t exist. I’ve always found it difficult selecting a few single favourite photographs from a wedding because I capture moments in a sequence, each photograph leading from the previous to help unfold a story within another story. These photographs will hopefully give you a better understanding of how I work and what I keep an eye out for when photographing a wedding.