Antony R Turner Photography

Commercial photography can really help you stand out from the crowd...

In the UK roughly 550 business are started per day (that's 200,000 each year!), a massive percentage of these businesses either take their own photographs or rely heavily on customers using TripAdvisor or some other type of social network to provide the photographs for them. By doing this they're leaving the image of the business in the hands of others and this could potentially turn away custom if they've taken an unfaltering photograph, if you are to hire a professional commercial photographer they can portray the business in the way it's intended by both the interior designer and the business owner.

The outcome of the photographs really depend on who is hiring me, if I'm hired by the interior designer then concentration will be on the layout, furniture, materials, lighting and textures located inside the building, but if the business owner is hiring then the concentration will be towards marketing / promotional materials such as logos, staff, food, drinks and layout - regardless of the option, the person hiring me will be by my side whilst the building is closed from the public to ensure what is being captured is to their liking and to ensure nothing is missed.


More time should be spent preparing for the photographs to be taken...

Preparation is key for commercial photography especially in the hospitality sector, this is because most of the photographs will be taken when the venue is not in operation without the public in the photographs which will either be early in the morning or late at night (depending on the style of photography the client wants achieved). My packages are charged by the hour and this time is best used photographing the venue instead of tidying and re-arranging items or furniture, because of this I always advice for the location to have been deeply cleaned prior to my arrival to help better your photographs, this could include any of the following:

  • Cleaning of all windows and mirrors ensuring they're smear free.
  • Clearing away any loose or cluttered items that don't have a placement (such as beer bottles, high-chairs, extra chairs, etc).
  • Cleaning all tables and sideboards, ensuring all items are straight and presentable.
  • Making sure furniture's (inducing seats) are correctly positioned and clean of any spillage.
  • Making sure all marketing materials (leaflets, menus, tables placements, etc.) are correctly positioned and neat.
  • Making sure no disturbances take place during the photographs (deliveries, stock check, etc.)


I photograph interiors using natural light, capturing the genuine atmosphere...

Many hours go into designing interiors, especially the lighting - this is why I always aim to photograph the venue as intended using natural light to help capture the light shining through the windows vs the ambient lights hanging around. Don't worry if your venue is dark as I will take long exposure photographs using a tripod or and do occasionally use flashes and still lights to attempt to make the photographs look as natural as possible to help uniform the rest of my work. 

Capturing the mood and atmosphere of a venue is something that is discussed in great detail to help get an understanding prior to my arrival, sometimes I may visit the venue prior (if open) to experience the atmosphere first hand - here I'll take mental notes of the elements in the scene like light, movement, texture, colour, and space/depth to help with the photographs.


It's not always about the place, sometimes it's the people...

Don't forget - it's people that drive the business forward. This could be anything from the customers enter the door or visiting your website, to the staff that help operate the business on a daily basis, these people are important so why not include them in your photographs. Adding people to the photograph includes for a different element and if your venue is not staffed (music studio, wedding venue, empty offices, real estate, etc.) then models can be hired or alternately can document an event when the space is being used.

Documenting people really makes for effective photographs as their concentration is on doing the job they love doing or interacting with the object rather than being photographed. Here are some ideas which can involve people in commercial photography:

  • Chef creating one of the restaurants signature or elaborate dishes in the kitchen.
  • Bar-staff concocting one of the best selling cocktails behind the bar.
  • Barista preparing an espresso to a customer, this could be to another member of staff or an actual customer. 
  • Model reading, hold, interacting with the object - bringing it to life and showing expression..


It's very important to pay attention to the small details...

People often overlook all the small details but I know it's all the little details combined what makes the interiors unique. I'm able to capture all the little details with a variety of lenses which can either isolate the subject, capture them a little wider to mix details (such as textures, materials and colour combinations) or capture them super-wide which allows me to include the details and the environment in the same frame.