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Winchester Springtime Town Hall Wedding

James and Jess had known each other through friends and nights out for a few years since they were late teens, they cannot remember ever speaking face to face before their first date! They had got talking initially through Instagram and Jess had arranged for James to come up to London for a drink. James agreed and got the train up into central London, they were both very nervous, but after an hour they seemed to warm to each other, and there was never an awkward silence. They had drinks at a bar in Shoreditch called 'The Drunken Monkey' and then went for dinner at Pizza East, this is where they both knew they had found someone special. After the meal they walked back to the tube station and shared their first kiss at Whitechapel, they both went their separate ways home and have been inseparable ever since.

One day James got back from work late and asked Jess if she wanted to go for a walk later after dinner, Jess thought that would be an excellent idea as they often went for walks at night because it's usually peaceful and relaxing. As that night got later, James decided to drive to Bournemouth for their walk, they walked along Bournemouth beach front and at midnight James told Jess that he had dropped something and Jess thought it was his phone and panicked as it was quite dark! Jess got her phone out to use the flashlight to start searching for it and found a spoon on the beach.

Jess said to James, "you've dropped a spoon, why do you have a spoon!?."...

She picked up the spoon, turned it over, saw that it wasn't one of their spoons and engraved on it said: Jessica will you marry me. She then spun round saw James on one knee where he repeated the question, and she was in shock and speechless for about a minute before he asked Jess again and she, of course, said yes!

James and Jess got married in King Charles Hall at Winchester Guildhall; their ceremony was decorated with falling petals to simulate springtime when Jess started walking down the aisle towards James one of their guests was playing his guitar. Although it had been raining outside during their wedding ceremony the room was full of light beaming in from the massive windows which created some amazing photographs, when the register was being signed James' Dad favourite song "That's entertainment - The Jam" was being played on the guitar as remembrance which caused a few tears and smiles.

The reception was held in The Courtyard at Winchester Guildhall where James and Jess had made everything by hand, from the invitations to table names and all stationary. Their first date was a Pizza restaurant, and they wanted to incorporate that into their wedding, so they decided to have Pizza table names and about 100+ Domino's Pizzas' delivered in the evening!

Winchester Rustic Barn Wedding

Charlie applied for a job at the bar where Ria was working at while at University. He was filling out an application form at the bar when Ria (being a tad stir crazy from working the day shift) bounded up to Charlie asking if he thought one's belly button went inside your body after you were born. Charlie looked understandably confused and shrugged, after which Ria disappeared off for the summer.

Fast forward a little while later they shared their first kiss on the roof of the very pub, and the rest was history.

The day after Ria's work Christmas party, Charlie took Ria on a surprise detour to Wells in Gloucestershire which is the venue for the Simon Pegg film 'Hot Fuzz' (named Sandford in the film). They both love the film and quote it to each other all the time, so it was a lovely 'impromptu' trip. They wandered around the town and visited all the spots used in the film, much to Charlie's dismay the castle was closed, and Ria kept insisting she wasn't hungry and didn't want to stop for lunch, Ria was single-handedly foiling his well thought out plan. On route back to the car and while hanging around taking in the spot where Tim Messenger gets smoked by the church roof, Charlie said he had a question to ask. Ria was still not catching on, and it was when, after a brief struggle to get a satisfyingly large ring box out of his pocket, he dropped to one knee, she suddenly realised, she laughed out loud before answering his proposal with a resounding 'YES!".

Ria and Charlie got married outside under a canopy which was constructed by both of their families; they said their vows in a private garden located only a few feet away from the large and magnificent West Stoke Barn which housed their wedding reception. I first met Ria, Charlie and their families back in 2014 when I photographed Charlie's twin sister Sarah's Wedding in the New Forest and knew that I would be shooting a lovely easy-going crowd of people, as it shows. Their wedding was all hand-made by their family and friends including the bar, tables and chair decorations, the bottled alcohol and even that excellent sign that sit's symmetrically above the head-table at the end of the barn. I arrived early at the Riverside Cottage in Bransbury to photograph Ria getting prepared for her wedding and left in time to capture their friends putting the final touches to the wedding reception and Charlie witnessing everything coming together.