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How Megan and Karl met is probably the most straightforward part of their whole time together. They lived very close together, just down the road in fact, but had never met. They should have gone to the same primary and secondary schools, but never did. Eventually, at a friends seventeenth birthday party, they bumped into each other. It turned out that every one of their friends knew the other already! Megan personally thinks it's a good job they never met as they both would have hated each other at school as they're polar opposites. The best man will claim that he introduced them at this party even though they were already talking. After that party, they met up nearly every day for the whole summer of 2009 and have been together ever since.

Megan has never really travelled., she had been once to France on a school trip to see the battlefields, but Karl has travelled everywhere, and they were determined to have a proper holiday. They settled on spending Christmas in Bruges, Belgium. Megan was extremely excited! Skipping forward, it was their third night in Bruges and were getting ready to head into the city on their bikes for an evening meal. I should say at this point that Megan had banned Karl from ever proposing in public, threatening that she would say no if he did!...

Karl for the last few weeks had been on tour and had been searching for an engagement ring in each place they stopped, he also had been phoning multiple locations in Bruges trying to arrange a time they could be alone, but it was, unfortunately, tourist season. They had just fully wrapped up, ready to brace the cold when Karl casually said "Before we head out...." and presented Megan with a ring box that was hidden in his ridiculous woollen hat. Megan (of course) said yes, and surprised herself with how girly she was for the rest of the evening; nearly crashing into a parked car because she was staring at the ring!