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Kenya Destination Beach Wedding

Maddy remembers very clearly the first time she saw Robert; it was during her first week in Kenya at one of the social events which inducted new teachers into life in Kenya and the school. It was at the bar in Braeburn School where they met, Robert walked in with Ewan (his son), and she remembers thinking 'He's all right!' and assumed he must be taken already! At some point they were introduced on the foundation of Rugby; the foundation that their entire relationship is now built on! They talked Rugby, and the stage was set!

The proposal was simple. Robert was planning to keep everything top secret. Step one: Go away for a romantic night in a luxury lodge. Step two: Keep the ring hidden away. Step three: Pop the question over romantic dinner. Simple. It turns out Emma (the owner of the lodge they were staying in) attended the same school as Robert, lots of stories and bottles of wine later, Robert (sensibly) deemed himself too drunk to propose and ran away to bed. It was now down to the next day, and they left the Emakoko lodge to drive out of Nairobi National Park. Stopping on the way, with the air of sophistication and appeal that three bottles of red can supply, and in the presence of several antelope and a nonplussed ostrich, Robert asked Maddy if she would mind being his wife.

How could she resist? 

Maddy and Robert got married in the most picturesque location I've ever seen in my career; they joined in holy matrimony under an arch made from palm-tree leaves facing the beautiful Diani Beach in Kenya, Africa. Following the gorgeous ceremony, Maddy and Robert held their wedding reception 200 feet away from the beach in the garden of the Flamboyant Boutique Hotel, and their wedding reception was filled with fairy-lights, speeches, dancing, rugby, pool games and endless amounts of Gin.

In 2016 I photographed Ria and Charlie's wedding in Winchester, the reason I'm mentioning this is that Ria happens to be Roberts sister and they were having great difficulty finding a photographer in Kenya as they were all "seriously expensive and not particularly good". Ria kindly sent me an email in February asking if I was free and two months later on a Monday, I landed at Moi International Airport in Mombasa from London Heathrow and returned to the UK on Friday. I photographed Maddy and Robert for 14 hours on their wedding day at the Flamboyant Boutique Hotel, and I enjoyed myself so much that it only felt like minutes. After a hard days work, I decided to join the guests by having a few gins and having a splash in the pool making sure I kept my camera close by in case anything crazy happened.

Winchester Rustic Barn Wedding

Charlie applied for a job at the bar where Ria was working at while at University. He was filling out an application form at the bar when Ria (being a tad stir crazy from working the day shift) bounded up to Charlie asking if he thought one's belly button went inside your body after you were born. Charlie looked understandably confused and shrugged, after which Ria disappeared off for the summer.

Fast forward a little while later they shared their first kiss on the roof of the very pub, and the rest was history.

The day after Ria's work Christmas party, Charlie took Ria on a surprise detour to Wells in Gloucestershire which is the venue for the Simon Pegg film 'Hot Fuzz' (named Sandford in the film). They both love the film and quote it to each other all the time, so it was a lovely 'impromptu' trip. They wandered around the town and visited all the spots used in the film, much to Charlie's dismay the castle was closed, and Ria kept insisting she wasn't hungry and didn't want to stop for lunch, Ria was single-handedly foiling his well thought out plan. On route back to the car and while hanging around taking in the spot where Tim Messenger gets smoked by the church roof, Charlie said he had a question to ask. Ria was still not catching on, and it was when, after a brief struggle to get a satisfyingly large ring box out of his pocket, he dropped to one knee, she suddenly realised, she laughed out loud before answering his proposal with a resounding 'YES!".

Ria and Charlie got married outside under a canopy which was constructed by both of their families; they said their vows in a private garden located only a few feet away from the large and magnificent West Stoke Barn which housed their wedding reception. I first met Ria, Charlie and their families back in 2014 when I photographed Charlie's twin sister Sarah's Wedding in the New Forest and knew that I would be shooting a lovely easy-going crowd of people, as it shows. Their wedding was all hand-made by their family and friends including the bar, tables and chair decorations, the bottled alcohol and even that excellent sign that sit's symmetrically above the head-table at the end of the barn. I arrived early at the Riverside Cottage in Bransbury to photograph Ria getting prepared for her wedding and left in time to capture their friends putting the final touches to the wedding reception and Charlie witnessing everything coming together.