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Leeds Bohemian Barn Wedding

Katie and Katy had been mutual friends for years, but they never met. They had heard of each other, but only met at the right time, when they were both in a perfect place! Their friends had suggested to that they would be perfect for each other, and not very long after meeting they realised they were right.

Not that they would ever admit that.

They were on holiday in Malaysia, staying at the most idyllic beach resort when Katy proposed. They were both (unknowingly) trying to pluck up the courage to propose, and trying to pick the perfect moment. Unfortunately, driving rain, bad restaurants, and mistimed sunsets got in the way. Katy eventually proposed on the last night of their holiday in Kuala Lumpur, at the top of the hotel while they were watching a thunderstorm. It was a perfect moment, and yes, they both cried!

Katy and Katie got married inside the cosy, bunting decorated barn at the Cheerful Chilli Cafe in Leeds. I don't often venture this far up North to photograph weddings, but the Bride's (including all their guests) hospitality makes me want to visit so much more! Their marriage had a bohemian festival vibe which contained lots of drinking, games, colour and especially dancing!

Unfortunately not all weddings can be sunny, but we did manage to time the wedding portraits perfectly just before a sudden downpour of rain, soon as it stopped we ventured back out for some more pictures, these girls did not stop the weather ruining their day. Katy and Katie are so stunning, friendly and just a joy to be around that I photographed their wedding for about 10 hours. I had so much fun documenting everyone on the dance-floor and chilling around the fire that I eventually clocked off around the 12th-hour mark; sometimes you can get so absorbed into the wedding that you lose track of time.