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Dorset Relaxed Garden Wedding

Freya and Josh initially met in secondary school during the sixth form, just after they had finished their AS exams. They only shared one class, and it happened to be Physics (how romantic) after Josh was wooing Freya with his grasp of thermodynamics and nuclear fusion, they began seeing each other in July 2008, hence their wedding date in early July. Since then they've been pretty much inseparable, even going to the same university (Leicester) where Freya studied something important - Genetics - and Josh dossed about pretending to do an English degree.

Josh admits to nearly messing up the proposal, only a little bit. Having been going out for almost seven years, Josh eventually started saving up for a ring because the time just felt right. However, Josh usually only saves money for something important (or car related) both very much the same in Josh's book. He accidentally let slip one night after a few drinks that he was saving money and, when Freya realised it wasn't for a car, she guessed it might be for a ring. Then they decided to go for a walk along the Dorset coast on New Year's Day, Freya assumed Josh was about to pop the question then but he hadn't purchased a ring by this point, and Freya turned grumpy for the rest of the day.

However, come May, Josh had bought a giant engagement ring which contained a ruby surrounded by a cluster of small diamonds, he then and proposed to Freya down on a deserted beach on their favourite part of the Cornish coast, near Polzeath. While Freya knew a proposal was coming, she didn't realise it was going to be then or there, so she was, at least, a little surprised.

Freya & Josh got married on one of the hottest days of 2016; they held their traditional yet relaxed wedding ceremony at the cosy St Martin's Church in Broadmayne followed by their country fete styled wedding reception that was held in the garden of Freya's parents home in Dorchester, Dorset. Their friend Ben Walters and his son, a local swing/jazz duo provided the entertainment in the evening while all the guests danced around enjoying the endless supply of food and drink. Freya & Josh dedicated a separate garden solely for garden games where I was able to photograph all the children playing together naturally, not forgetting the adults who had a few games after a few drinks...

Kensington Garden Pavilion Wedding

Paris and James met eight years ago while working at Notting Hill Preparatory School, where Paris was a teacher and James was a learning support assistant for a boy in Paris's class. Paris had just moved from Perth, Australia to London and James had just finished University, after a few weeks they became best friends and spent every weekend together.

It took two months for James to make a move finally!

Between September and August, they went travelling around the world, James proposed to Paris on the beach when they finally arrived in Perth, Australia.

Paris and James got married in one of my bucket list photography locations in London, at The Orangery located at Kensington Palace. Paris walked down the aisle towards James to ‘You Are The Best Thing’ by Ray LaMontagne and halfway through the ceremony both Dad's played 'Tupelo Honey' by Van Morrison on guitars. After the ceremony, Paris and James hired a taxi to their wedding reception in Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush. They hired this venue because quite a few of their favourite bands have played there in the past and it’s got a refreshing mixture of ornate chandeliers and excellent lighting.

Winchester Rustic Barn Wedding

Charlie applied for a job at the bar where Ria was working at while at University. He was filling out an application form at the bar when Ria (being a tad stir crazy from working the day shift) bounded up to Charlie asking if he thought one's belly button went inside your body after you were born. Charlie looked understandably confused and shrugged, after which Ria disappeared off for the summer.

Fast forward a little while later they shared their first kiss on the roof of the very pub, and the rest was history.

The day after Ria's work Christmas party, Charlie took Ria on a surprise detour to Wells in Gloucestershire which is the venue for the Simon Pegg film 'Hot Fuzz' (named Sandford in the film). They both love the film and quote it to each other all the time, so it was a lovely 'impromptu' trip. They wandered around the town and visited all the spots used in the film, much to Charlie's dismay the castle was closed, and Ria kept insisting she wasn't hungry and didn't want to stop for lunch, Ria was single-handedly foiling his well thought out plan. On route back to the car and while hanging around taking in the spot where Tim Messenger gets smoked by the church roof, Charlie said he had a question to ask. Ria was still not catching on, and it was when, after a brief struggle to get a satisfyingly large ring box out of his pocket, he dropped to one knee, she suddenly realised, she laughed out loud before answering his proposal with a resounding 'YES!".

Ria and Charlie got married outside under a canopy which was constructed by both of their families; they said their vows in a private garden located only a few feet away from the large and magnificent West Stoke Barn which housed their wedding reception. I first met Ria, Charlie and their families back in 2014 when I photographed Charlie's twin sister Sarah's Wedding in the New Forest and knew that I would be shooting a lovely easy-going crowd of people, as it shows. Their wedding was all hand-made by their family and friends including the bar, tables and chair decorations, the bottled alcohol and even that excellent sign that sit's symmetrically above the head-table at the end of the barn. I arrived early at the Riverside Cottage in Bransbury to photograph Ria getting prepared for her wedding and left in time to capture their friends putting the final touches to the wedding reception and Charlie witnessing everything coming together.