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Surrey Traditional Country Club Wedding

Hannah and Adrian met at a kitchen party on the 13th floor of the halls of residence where Adrian and Hannah were both staying. The year was 1996, and it was Adrian's first week of his Erasmus year and Hannah's third week of Uni in Frankfurt, Germany. Adrian decided in the name of chivalry that he had to protect Hannah from the Frenchman who was showing decided interest. It then took Adrian nearly two months of hanging around, leaving messages on her door, culminating in going on a single-party with her, impressing her with his dancing to get Hannah to go out with him finally.

The proposal occurred while they were away on vacation in Croatia with some close friends, and it was Adrian's birthday. They had hired a boat together to go island hopping, and Adrian smuggled the ring on board in a sock in his boat bag. Hannah was surprised that Adrian decided to get changed into a white linen shirt before lunch and a little annoyed when he asked her to go for a walk with him around the small island that the restaurant was on (she was hungry and thought he just wanted to explore!). Adrian laughed nervously when their friend Roland asked if he was off to propose as he hadn't told anyone his plan. Upon finding the right spot, Adrian went on bended knee. Hannah said yes. They hadn't spotted that a yacht was in the bay behind them, but the boat had noticed them, and the people started cheering and applauding, which they didn't register. When they went back into the restaurant, their friends had heard the cheering and were already suspicious that they had missed something and when they saw the ring, there was a lot of crying and congratulations.

Hannah and Adrian got married in a very big, relaxed, well-light, symmetrical church in Epsom called Christ Church, very rarely do those preferences all align at the same location, especially churches. Following their beautiful wedding ceremony, Hannah and Adrian got painted with confetti and bubbles by their guests while on-route to the open-top Old-timer bus which took them all to the wedding reception held at Tyrrells Wood Golf Club in Surrey.

The wedding reception at Leatherhead was incredible, the Bride and Groom ushered all their guest into the Country Club gardens to have relaxed group photographs in the sunshine and shortly after we toured the gardens to take some natural portraits. After the speeches and wedding breakfast, I invited Hannah and Adrian to practice their first dance under a tree while the sun was setting - these are my favourite photographs of the day. I photographed Hannah and Adrian for 10 hours on their wedding day, ensuring I captured all the love and excitement especially when they revealed they're custom made foosball table with mini Bride and Grooms at the end of their reception! Combining all the above with such down to earth guests resulted in a fantastic wedding with such an elegant and timeless feel.