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Chichester Alternative Outdoor Wedding

Kayla and Les matched on tinder in March 2014 they then spent three months talking, but I refused to meet. Kayla told Les that if they met, then she would end up falling in love and have to move away from Poole because Les was from Southsea, Portsmouth. Funny enough, 2 and a half years later Kayla was living in Southsea, two years later they started planning their wedding. They had their first date in Nandos, Kayla was getting messy, and Les was politely using his napkin to eat his chicken leg, she looked up and thought 'well he's not going to see me again'. After dinner they went for a walk down towards the seafront, it wasn't until Les put his arm around Kayla while sat on the beach that she thought that he might like her too.

Les proposed while they were on their first holiday together alone. They went to Rome in Italy as it was somewhere they've always wanted to go. They had our battles like most couples, so Les thought it was appropriate to propose by the Colosseum one evening in the middle of the holiday. It was a beautiful starry night, and they had a lovely day at the beach and were set ready to go to sleep after dinner. Les said to Kayla "Since we are staying within eyesight of the Colosseum, it would be a waste not to have a little walk down there before bed", they both had sore feet, so Kayla thought nothing of it when Les went to change his shoes after dinner. Little did she know it was so that he could get the ring.

Kayla and Les got married outside underneath a tree, surrounded by nature and their closest friends and family at East Dean Village Hall in Chichester. You couldn't have asked for better weather while they were getting married, the sun was shining while guests sat on hay-bales and watched the nuptials with mason jars filled with cocktails. There was such an energetic vibe at their wedding; everyone was excited and ready to party into the evening - especially when some punk and hardcore rock bands came blaring out of the jukebox, I remember singing along to 'A Day to Remember' while photographing Kayla dancing around the place.

Unfortunately due to a mix of my schedule and distance I don't get to meet many couples face to face before the wedding date but Kayla and Les invited me out for dinner in Portsmouth so we can have a bite to eat, a few drinks and talk about their wedding in more detail... guess where we went?... Nandos!.