Knepp Castle Boho Outdoor Wedding


Introducing Larena and Tom

Larena went to school with Tom's sister, and so they knew of each other for a few years, but they first met properly when they lived in London (co-incidentally very close to where Larena lived), they then started going to concerts together and one thing led to another! Tom asked Larena to marry him whilst they were on a camping and canoeing trip down the River Wye, he proposed whilst they were walking up through the woodland

Larena and Tom got married outside in a temporary makeshift open-top marquee that was constructed by them and their guests on the grounds of Knepp Castle Estate near Horsham. Their wedding was almost like a big picnic in the sunshine by the riverside whilst being surrounded by woodland, it had this amazing tranquil vibe that relaxed all the guests allowing me to photograph everyone naturally enjoying the day.

When Tom first contacted me he told me that he's an architect; he also said that he really loved my use of natural geometry and proportion that I use in my photographs. This gave me the excuse to go symmetry crazy and I instantly wanted to start photographing their wedding like I've watched to many Wes Anderson movies.

I was with Larena and Tom for around 7 hours on their wedding day at Kneep Castle and the time flew by as there was so much for me to document; there was a ton of details, never-ending beautiful scenery, guests playing table-tennis and outside speeches.