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Hampshire Moroccan Wedding

Claire and Jonathan first met in a bar in Winchester called Bar 31 although Jon can't remember the meet in the bar as he had had a few too many drinks. Later he even said, “oh its lucky me bumped into each other outside!”. After a few more drinks they walked to the kebab shop and then Jonathan walked Claire home. It’s all very romantic (haha!)

Later they went on holiday to Morocco for a short break, Jonathan had previously purchased an engagement ring and had brought it along hoping to ask the question while in Morocco. While in Morocco they decided to adventure around the Atlas Mountains, and Jonathan had the ring safely securing in his backpack for the entire day throughout the hikes waiting patiently for a good enough location to propose, he sadly couldn’t find anywhere special enough. They later went back to their hotel, it was reasonably quiet that evening, so they decided to go for a walk around the grounds of the hotel, and this is when Jonathan got down on one knee and asked Claire to marry him while kneeling in the rose garden; she said yes!

Petersfield Rustic Outdoor Wedding

Rebecca and Ben have known each other for most of their lives, they lived across the street from each other, and their parents were friends even before even Rebecca was born. They didn't like each other very much in those days, with Ben being a stinky boy and Rebecca being a silly girl but as they grew up, they also moved away from each other. Fate had bought them back together in their home town in a packed pub while Ben was pushing his way through the crowds to go to the toilet, and he has been ruled by his bowel movements forever more!

As a child, Rebecca spent much time in West Bay, Dorset. Her family have always owned a holiday home there and has such fond memories of spending time with family members who are sadly no longer with them. She remembers her Mum and Auntie being drunk walking home from the pub singing Dancing Queen to all the fishermen along the promenade and her Dad getting stuck out at sea in a dingy boat and not being able to row, so her Uncle had to strip to his pants and swim in and get him! For this reason, she makes sure always to visit at least once a year, to remember, but also to create more memories. One day Ben decided to ask Rebecca on a random and unplanned trip to West Bay to stay in her Uncles holiday home. During their stay, Ben was up at 6 am marching about, tidying up and wanting to take their Dog for a walk over the cliffs, Rebecca, on the other hand, wanted a well-earned lay-in so proceeded to go back to sleep for a further hour. The cliffs Ben wanted to walk up are part of the Jurassic Coast, and it is beautiful once you scale up to the top, Ben always beats Rebecca up there, so he planned to do precisely that, race to the top and be there on one knee when Rebecca finally got there. However, when Ben finally managed to raise Rebecca from her bed, argue with her that she didn't need tea or breakfast and rushed her to the beach to start the climb, they found that the cliff had been closed off as part of it had fallen away!

Ben's plan was foiled! So they started walking along the beach as the tide was out, it had been a dry morning, but they could see a big rain cloud heading in from the sea, so they quickly marched on, playing with their Dog Jasper as they went. Ben was very undecided of when and how to pop the question as his plan had fallen through, but Jasper kept jumping up at his pocket and took that as a sign that he should stick with it and ask that day! While they were walking, they found the aftermath of the cliff collapsing and were enjoying looking at all the fossils that were in the stone that had fallen. Ben asked Rebecca to come and sit with him on a massive rock, they sat for a while watching the sea and Jasper sniffing about then Ben said there was a reason he had wanted to come down this weekend and put his hand in his pocket and bought out a little black box. Rebecca immediately started to cry, Ben said he wanted this to be special and that this was the only place he was ever going to do it, Ben said he was sorry for being a d**k and taking so long (such a Ben thing to say!) he then got on one knee and asked Rebecca to marry him! Rebecca remembers hugging Ben and thanking him that she had forgotten to say yes! So Ben said, you haven't said yes yet!

Rebecca and Ben got married outside on the grounds of the beautiful Langrish House Hotel in Petersfield followed by their Wedding Reception in the amazingly self-decorated Rogate Village Hall. Their wedding date for the last two weeks was forecast for all day heavy rain, Rebecca was continually checking for weather updates and was worried that their outdoor ceremony would be rained off as so much planning has taken place, Ben eventually had enough and told her to stop checking and to "chill-out". Sensibly, they did have a back-up location inside the house but would've much preferred to get married outside, and luckily enough the rain held out until around 15:00, and by then, everyone was inside enjoying the wedding meal and speeches.

Winchester Springtime Town Hall Wedding

James and Jess had known each other through friends and nights out for a few years since they were late teens, they cannot remember ever speaking face to face before their first date! They had got talking initially through Instagram and Jess had arranged for James to come up to London for a drink. James agreed and got the train up into central London, they were both very nervous, but after an hour they seemed to warm to each other, and there was never an awkward silence. They had drinks at a bar in Shoreditch called 'The Drunken Monkey' and then went for dinner at Pizza East, this is where they both knew they had found someone special. After the meal they walked back to the tube station and shared their first kiss at Whitechapel, they both went their separate ways home and have been inseparable ever since.

One day James got back from work late and asked Jess if she wanted to go for a walk later after dinner, Jess thought that would be an excellent idea as they often went for walks at night because it's usually peaceful and relaxing. As that night got later, James decided to drive to Bournemouth for their walk, they walked along Bournemouth beach front and at midnight James told Jess that he had dropped something and Jess thought it was his phone and panicked as it was quite dark! Jess got her phone out to use the flashlight to start searching for it and found a spoon on the beach.

Jess said to James, "you've dropped a spoon, why do you have a spoon!?."...

She picked up the spoon, turned it over, saw that it wasn't one of their spoons and engraved on it said: Jessica will you marry me. She then spun round saw James on one knee where he repeated the question, and she was in shock and speechless for about a minute before he asked Jess again and she, of course, said yes!

James and Jess got married in King Charles Hall at Winchester Guildhall; their ceremony was decorated with falling petals to simulate springtime when Jess started walking down the aisle towards James one of their guests was playing his guitar. Although it had been raining outside during their wedding ceremony the room was full of light beaming in from the massive windows which created some amazing photographs, when the register was being signed James' Dad favourite song "That's entertainment - The Jam" was being played on the guitar as remembrance which caused a few tears and smiles.

The reception was held in The Courtyard at Winchester Guildhall where James and Jess had made everything by hand, from the invitations to table names and all stationary. Their first date was a Pizza restaurant, and they wanted to incorporate that into their wedding, so they decided to have Pizza table names and about 100+ Domino's Pizzas' delivered in the evening!

Australia Destination Pavilion Wedding

Matt took Emma out to dinner for their 2 and a half year anniversary because Matt owed Emma dinner because he went away with the boys on Valentine’s Day..., he then asked her if she wanted to walk down by the river after work and Emma, of course, replied “No! I have heels on!” so Matt asked if there were anywhere else she would like to go. Emma said she would want to go to Kings Park, they always visited Kings Park on their significant dates but hesitated on this occurrence because no doubt the park would so busy with tourists, however, Matt agreed. As they were approaching their favourite viewpoint, Matt asked Emma if she loved him? Also, if she would love him forever? Matt then pulled Emma backwards and turned her around while he got down on one knee and asked Emma to marry him.

Emma immediately told Matt to get up, and then remembered to say "YES!". Matt proposed three weeks before we were due to come to the UK, so we were lucky enough to celebrate with Emma’s immediate family in Perth and then the rest of the families in England!

Back in 2015, I had the fantastic opportunity of photographing Sarah and Craig's wedding in Bali, and this is when I was first introduced to Emma as she was one of their wedding guests. Fast forward a few years later, and I found an amazing late-night message asking if I would be willing to travel to Perth, Australia to photograph their wedding.

Emma and Matt got married in a venue called The Vines; this is a five-star golf club resort located in Swan Valley, Western Australia. This venue had everything from 30º heat, golf buggies filled to the brim with Corona, wild Kangaroos on the golf course, beautiful sunsets and my new favourite brewery 'Little Creatures' providing the alcohol (which I took full advantage of when the camera was eventually put away). I photographed Emma and Matt's wedding for around 13 hours on their wedding day at The Vines, and I enjoyed myself so much that I ended up providing an additional 1000 photographs over the agreed 300... it was a bit overkill, but there was so much occurring on the day that felt worthy of capture.

Knepp Castle Boho Outdoor Wedding

Larena went to school with Tom's sister, and so they knew of each other for a few years, but they first met properly when they lived in London (coincidentally very close to where Larena lived), they then started going to concerts together, and one thing led to another! Tom asked Larena to marry him while they were on a camping and canoeing trip down the River Wye, he proposed while they were walking up through the woodland.

Larena and Tom got married outside in a temporary makeshift open-top marquee that was constructed by them and their guests on the grounds of Knepp Castle Estate near Horsham. Their wedding was almost like a big picnic in the sunshine by the riverside while being surrounded by woodland; it had this fantastic tranquil vibe that relaxed all the guests allowing me to photograph everyone naturally enjoying the day.

When Tom first contacted me he told me that he's an architect; he also said that he loved my use of natural geometry and proportion that I use in my photographs. This gave me the excuse to go symmetry crazy, and I instantly wanted to start photographing their wedding like a Wes Anderson movie. I was with Larena and Tom for around 7 hours on their wedding day at Knepp Castle and the time flew by as there was so much for me to document; there was a ton of details, never-ending beautiful scenery, guests playing table-tennis and outside speeches.

Chichester Alternative Outdoor Wedding

Kayla and Les matched on tinder in March 2014 they then spent three months talking, but I refused to meet. Kayla told Les that if they met, then she would end up falling in love and have to move away from Poole because Les was from Southsea, Portsmouth. Funny enough, 2 and a half years later Kayla was living in Southsea, two years later they started planning their wedding. They had their first date in Nandos, Kayla was getting messy, and Les was politely using his napkin to eat his chicken leg, she looked up and thought 'well he's not going to see me again'. After dinner they went for a walk down towards the seafront, it wasn't until Les put his arm around Kayla while sat on the beach that she thought that he might like her too.

Les proposed while they were on their first holiday together alone. They went to Rome in Italy as it was somewhere they've always wanted to go. They had our battles like most couples, so Les thought it was appropriate to propose by the Colosseum one evening in the middle of the holiday. It was a beautiful starry night, and they had a lovely day at the beach and were set ready to go to sleep after dinner. Les said to Kayla "Since we are staying within eyesight of the Colosseum, it would be a waste not to have a little walk down there before bed", they both had sore feet, so Kayla thought nothing of it when Les went to change his shoes after dinner. Little did she know it was so that he could get the ring.

Kayla and Les got married outside underneath a tree, surrounded by nature and their closest friends and family at East Dean Village Hall in Chichester. You couldn't have asked for better weather while they were getting married, the sun was shining while guests sat on hay-bales and watched the nuptials with mason jars filled with cocktails. There was such an energetic vibe at their wedding; everyone was excited and ready to party into the evening - especially when some punk and hardcore rock bands came blaring out of the jukebox, I remember singing along to 'A Day to Remember' while photographing Kayla dancing around the place.

Unfortunately due to a mix of my schedule and distance I don't get to meet many couples face to face before the wedding date but Kayla and Les invited me out for dinner in Portsmouth so we can have a bite to eat, a few drinks and talk about their wedding in more detail... guess where we went?... Nandos!.

Kenya Destination Beach Wedding

Maddy remembers very clearly the first time she saw Robert; it was during her first week in Kenya at one of the social events which inducted new teachers into life in Kenya and the school. It was at the bar in Braeburn School where they met, Robert walked in with Ewan (his son), and she remembers thinking 'He's all right!' and assumed he must be taken already! At some point they were introduced on the foundation of Rugby; the foundation that their entire relationship is now built on! They talked Rugby, and the stage was set!

The proposal was simple. Robert was planning to keep everything top secret. Step one: Go away for a romantic night in a luxury lodge. Step two: Keep the ring hidden away. Step three: Pop the question over romantic dinner. Simple. It turns out Emma (the owner of the lodge they were staying in) attended the same school as Robert, lots of stories and bottles of wine later, Robert (sensibly) deemed himself too drunk to propose and ran away to bed. It was now down to the next day, and they left the Emakoko lodge to drive out of Nairobi National Park. Stopping on the way, with the air of sophistication and appeal that three bottles of red can supply, and in the presence of several antelope and a nonplussed ostrich, Robert asked Maddy if she would mind being his wife.

How could she resist? 

Maddy and Robert got married in the most picturesque location I've ever seen in my career; they joined in holy matrimony under an arch made from palm-tree leaves facing the beautiful Diani Beach in Kenya, Africa. Following the gorgeous ceremony, Maddy and Robert held their wedding reception 200 feet away from the beach in the garden of the Flamboyant Boutique Hotel, and their wedding reception was filled with fairy-lights, speeches, dancing, rugby, pool games and endless amounts of Gin.

In 2016 I photographed Ria and Charlie's wedding in Winchester, the reason I'm mentioning this is that Ria happens to be Roberts sister and they were having great difficulty finding a photographer in Kenya as they were all "seriously expensive and not particularly good". Ria kindly sent me an email in February asking if I was free and two months later on a Monday, I landed at Moi International Airport in Mombasa from London Heathrow and returned to the UK on Friday. I photographed Maddy and Robert for 14 hours on their wedding day at the Flamboyant Boutique Hotel, and I enjoyed myself so much that it only felt like minutes. After a hard days work, I decided to join the guests by having a few gins and having a splash in the pool making sure I kept my camera close by in case anything crazy happened.

Weddings In The Wood Rustic Garden Party Wedding

How Megan and Karl met is probably the most straightforward part of their whole time together. They lived very close together, just down the road in fact, but had never met. They should have gone to the same primary and secondary schools, but never did. Eventually, at a friends seventeenth birthday party, they bumped into each other. It turned out that every one of their friends knew the other already! Megan personally thinks it's a good job they never met as they both would have hated each other at school as they're polar opposites. The best man will claim that he introduced them at this party even though they were already talking. After that party, they met up nearly every day for the whole summer of 2009 and have been together ever since.

Megan has never really travelled., she had been once to France on a school trip to see the battlefields, but Karl has travelled everywhere, and they were determined to have a proper holiday. They settled on spending Christmas in Bruges, Belgium. Megan was extremely excited! Skipping forward, it was their third night in Bruges and were getting ready to head into the city on their bikes for an evening meal. I should say at this point that Megan had banned Karl from ever proposing in public, threatening that she would say no if he did!...

Karl for the last few weeks had been on tour and had been searching for an engagement ring in each place they stopped, he also had been phoning multiple locations in Bruges trying to arrange a time they could be alone, but it was, unfortunately, tourist season. They had just fully wrapped up, ready to brace the cold when Karl casually said "Before we head out...." and presented Megan with a ring box that was hidden in his ridiculous woollen hat. Megan (of course) said yes, and surprised herself with how girly she was for the rest of the evening; nearly crashing into a parked car because she was staring at the ring!

Leeds Bohemian Barn Wedding

Katie and Katy had been mutual friends for years, but they never met. They had heard of each other, but only met at the right time, when they were both in a perfect place! Their friends had suggested to that they would be perfect for each other, and not very long after meeting they realised they were right.

Not that they would ever admit that.

They were on holiday in Malaysia, staying at the most idyllic beach resort when Katy proposed. They were both (unknowingly) trying to pluck up the courage to propose, and trying to pick the perfect moment. Unfortunately, driving rain, bad restaurants, and mistimed sunsets got in the way. Katy eventually proposed on the last night of their holiday in Kuala Lumpur, at the top of the hotel while they were watching a thunderstorm. It was a perfect moment, and yes, they both cried!

Katy and Katie got married inside the cosy, bunting decorated barn at the Cheerful Chilli Cafe in Leeds. I don't often venture this far up North to photograph weddings, but the Bride's (including all their guests) hospitality makes me want to visit so much more! Their marriage had a bohemian festival vibe which contained lots of drinking, games, colour and especially dancing!

Unfortunately not all weddings can be sunny, but we did manage to time the wedding portraits perfectly just before a sudden downpour of rain, soon as it stopped we ventured back out for some more pictures, these girls did not stop the weather ruining their day. Katy and Katie are so stunning, friendly and just a joy to be around that I photographed their wedding for about 10 hours. I had so much fun documenting everyone on the dance-floor and chilling around the fire that I eventually clocked off around the 12th-hour mark; sometimes you can get so absorbed into the wedding that you lose track of time.