Creative, Relaxed, Honest and Unposed

These are the few select words that I use to best describe my style and approach to my Wedding Photography, these words are not just picked out at random, each adjective has been carefully selected and are the building blocks to how I run my business to deliver such authentic photography. I’ve always taking my role as a Wedding Photographer very seriously because there aren’t many happy times in your life when you have all your relatives and closest friends gathered together all in one place.

I’m a big believer that you can’t capture the energy or the atmosphere of the wedding by pressing yourself against the furthest wall and photographing everyone from a distance, you need to be in-between everyone, photographing from the inside-out. My goal is for every couples to be to enjoy viewing their intimate photographs allowing them to relive their wedding day again and again, whenever they please.

I’ve been documenting weddings since late 2009 and I’m very thankful to my clients that they’ve allowed me to pursue my passion for both travel and photography. I’ve photographed over 200 weddings all around England and the world from places such as Goa in India, Ubud in Bali, João Pessoa in Brazil, Kenya in Africa, Chamonix in France, Perth in Australia and Santorini in Greece. Every year brings new exciting adventures that I can’t wait to photograph and hopefully your day could be one of them.

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I approach every wedding with a clean slate forcing me to photograph your wedding uniquely regardless if I’ve ever photographed in your wedding venue in the past. My photography style is inspired by many different artists varying from photographers, painters and movie directors such as Robert Capa’s photographs of the Normandy Beach invasions, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painting and literately any movies that is directed by Wes Anderson.

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My priority of the day is to make you feel totally relaxed; the more relaxed you are with me the better your photographs will be. Sometimes there are people who are naturally confident in-front of the camera and sometimes there are people who are genuinely frightened, it’s my job to make you feel more comfortable regardless and this is achieved multiple ways from being considerate, sympathetic, honest and kind during well in advance of your wedding.


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I’ll photograph your wedding in a journalistic fashion capturing all the real and honest emotions that most miss as they will all be busy concentrating on the wedding waiting for the kiss. I’m constantly on the look out for poetic little moments like married guests smiling at each other - reliving the moment, the father of the bride tearing up after giving his daughter away, the groom nervously playing with his hands at the end of the isle and kids getting bored and causing a little chaos mid ceremony.

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The only posing that occurs during the whole day will be the few formal group portraits after the ceremony, nothing more - not even the couple portraits of the bride and groom are posed. All the smiles and laughter you see in my photographs are natural and achieved by various techniques that I’ve developed over the years. I don’t get involved with the wedding day and ask for a lot of information prior to your to help me understand your wedding in full so I know where to be, and when.